Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Handy Home Tips: How to hang pictures

So you have a beautiful collection of photos and artworks, framed and ready to hang. 
But how and where to hang them? Do you display them on their own, or try to group them together? 

My anxiety of hanging something in the wrong spot often slows the process of actually getting the jolly thing on the wall. But I think my nervousness of hanging pictures is justified - after all, how many holes-in-the-wrong-spot do you really want in a wall?

So, you can only imagine my delight when I stumbled across this Picture Hanging Guide. 
I also love that it gives options for pics on shelves and on the wall next to the stairs

Image from www.lushome.com

If you really want to confuse yourself, you can find more suggestions here...

Some key things to consider:

Why spend time arranging your artwork before hanging it? 
"Well designed layouts complement your home interiors, making a room look interesting, but light and spacious. Beautiful collections of photographs are excellent wall decorating ideas that help declutter homes and design beautiful and cozy, personal and modern interiors...Balanced compositions of photographs and artworks complement interior decorating with rhythm and repetition, adding harmony and interest to rooms." 

Why should you group smaller images together?
Large empty walls can handle big collections of photographs or large photos. A single small photograph on an empty wall looks lost and unappealing. If you have lots of small photographs, it is better to design a composition and arrange them on empty walls in accordance with one of layouts that demonstrate how to hang photographs and decorate empty walls like a professional decorator. Source: www.lushome.com. 

How do I start this process?
Layout your proposed idea on the floor first and don't be afraid to make changes. 

How do you decide what artworks to hang on your walls at home? We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

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