Saturday, 31 October 2015

Handmade gift of the week: House-warming gift, thank you gift, or hostess gift

As Christmas rapidly approaches, we may find ourselves in a situation where we need to buy a gift for someone we visit or stay with over the holiday season. This gift idea is beautiful and practical, plus it works well for a man or a woman...

This project is from

Why we love it:
  • You can completely customise this gift for the recipient, whether they're a man, woman or a family. 
  • The black and white towel works well for a man or a family, but you could have fun picking a hand towel in a feminine print, or the recipient's favourite colour. 
  • You can also pick any utensil you think they would find most useful - in wood or another material to suit their existing pots and pans. 
  • You can have fun picking the recipe book too - especially if they have a favourite chef. Or you could choose a new best-selling recipe book they don't have, or a classic book with timeless recipes. 
  • The towel is a fun, inexpensive way to wrap your gift, and it also protects the book. 
What recipe book would you love to receive as a gift? 
We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

Friday, 30 October 2015

Handmade card of the week: This Card Matches your Hair

I'm ashamed to say it took me a couple of moments to 'get' this card. I'm sure some people would be offended, but most would probably find this funny...

Image from Etsy store, blingBebe

Why we love it:
  • Insulted or not - you have to admit it's pretty funny (and clever!)
  • It would be simple to make - you just need a plain grey or silver coloured card to print on and you could create the text on your computer. Too hard? You could buy one from blingBebe
  • You could also stamp or write your message by hand. 
  • Experiment with different coloured card for different people - white, red, etc. 
How would you feel if you received a card like this? 
We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Thursday thought...

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!"  
Henry Ford

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Cool Cakes: 40th Birthday Cake

It's fun to (politely) tease people as they get older...especially if they're older than you! 

Image from

Why we love it:
  • Ok, so 40 isn't actually that old (I say that as I'm not far away from the big 40!), but this cake is actually funny because it's a gross exaggeration. If you presented an 80-year-old with this cake, somehow it wouldn't be so funny...
  • It's so realistic! Not sure of the technique they've used to write on the cake, but it's very clear and neat! 
  • The actual cake shape is quite simple - just three round layers (which would feed a few people). Three layers also mean you could have three different cake flavours, or even a gluten-free portion to cater for all guests. The effectiveness is in the decoration.
  • This cake appears to be for a man, but you could modify it for a woman.   
How would you feel if you received a cake like this? 
We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

Monday, 26 October 2015

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: The Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Greg Steinmetz

Have you heard of Jacob Fugger? If not, then you need to read this book...

Why we love it:

  • Jacob Fugger is a German banker who became the richest man in history and died with the biggest fortune the world has even known.
  • Fugger was bold and took risks that mostly paid off. This fascinating story reveals how he did it, whilst detailing a fascinating slice of history. 

  • Sunday, 25 October 2015

    WEEKLY SPECIAL: Essential 15 Piece Tool Set NOW $12 (was $19.95)

    Want to be the 'fix it' hero in your home or workplace? 
    Grab yourself one of these tool sets and you'll never look back!

    Only while stocks last. 

    Saturday, 24 October 2015

    Handmade gift of the week: Party bag gifts for kids

    Every year I struggle to find new and interesting things to pop into my kids' party bags. Kids love lollies, but how can you make store-bought treats look unique? These little butterflies will be top of my party bag list for next year!

    Why we love it:
    • This idea can work for boys and girls, depending on the colours you use. Choose red, yellow, green and orange if you don't want to make these gender specific. 
    • Kids will have fun making these for their party bags - let them choose the lollipop flavours and wing colours, cut out the shapes and decorate the wings. 
    • This is a great way of using up scraps of wrapping paper, or you can stamp or draw on the wings. 

    Friday, 23 October 2015

    Handmade card of the week: I Love You

    One-eyed monsters are all the rage at the moment thanks to the Minions. This cute card is a lovely way of showing the one you love how much you care - and making them smile!

    Images from Etsy store, kraze4paper

    Why we love it:
    • Who doesn't love a one-eyed monster?!
    • This card would be relatively easy and inexpensive to make yourself - you just need some kraft card (or a plain card you can purchase from a craft shop), a craft knife to cut out the hole with, a plastic eye and a heart (although you could draw the heart). If you can't draw a monster, you could find a monster image online, print and cut it out. Or you could just buy one from kraze4paper on Etsy. 
    • This card could be used as a birthday card, Valentine's Day card, or simply a greeting card to say 'hi'. 
    • This card is gender-neutral and would work well for either a man or a woman. 

    Thursday, 22 October 2015

    Thursday thought...

    "If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary." 
    Jim Rohn

    Wednesday, 21 October 2015

    How to Wrap the Perfect Present: Tips from Rebecca Ridhalgh, JetSet Gel

    Due to popular demand, our How to Wrap the Perfect Present tips are back! We love asking for advice on gift-wrapping, as everyone has their own unique tips and tricks on how to wrap a present. This week we caught up with Rebecca Ridhalgh from JetSet Gel. 

    1. What are the best types of wrapping paper?
    Rebecca: Patterned wrapping is the best! But then ribbon should be simple so it's not too busy.

    2. What is your wrapping technique? Why is your method the best?
    Rebecca: Best wrapping method is to ensure the wrapping paper is the right size. Too much paper will make the wrapping uneven and bulky in places. Too little...and your gift is a little naked!

    3. Ribbon or no ribbon?
    Rebecca: We love ribbon and think it really finishes off the wrap. It's important that the ribbon suits the paper as well.

    4. How does your style of wrapping vary for gifts for men, women and kids?
    Rebecca: Wrapping often differs for men, women and kids in a number of ways including colours, patterns, ribbon and detail. 
    Men: neutral or dark colours, more minimal wrapping with simple bold details, ribbons are often plain. 
    Women: more pastels and warmer colours, more feminine and detailed patterns and ornate ribbons. 
    Kids: bright and fun colours, the more entertaining and different the better!

    5. What are some cost effective/eco-friendly alternatives for presenting a gift beautifully?
    Rebecca: Cost effective, eco-friendly AND looks good: wrapping in newspaper. Especially good for guys or kids. Make sure to use a plain ribbon to make it still have the gift wrapped look!

    Eco-friendly newspaper gift wrapping with plain ribbon
    Image from Urban Barn Blog

    These gift wrapping tips were kindly shared with us by Rebecca Ridhalgh from JetSet Gel. JetSet Gel is the ultimate gel polish brand for jetsetters who fly in style. The girls at JetSet Gel realised that the always perfectly polished ladies of the sky needed a manicure option that was flexible, affordable but most of all quality! They started sourcing and testing different gel polish until they kept using one type again and again. That is when they knew they had found the JetSet Gel formula! Now selling their own gel nail polishes and lamps in the Nail Home Kit all over Australia; ladies of the sky can stay forever polished! Check out their website, or connect with them on Instagram: @jetsetgel; Twitter: @jetsetgel; Facebook: JetSet Gel Australia

    Jet Set Gel Nail Starter Kit from

    Tuesday, 20 October 2015

    Cool cakes: Heineken Cake

    When looking for inspiration for a cake, I can imagine the person who made this asking themselves: "What does he like? Beer. What type of beer? Heineken." And what a great way to come up with an idea for a cake the recipient will love!

    Image from 

    Why we love it:
    • This cake is perfectly decorated - the colours are clear and bright and the text is beautifully formed. 
    • What man wouldn't love a cake like this?
    • The shape of the cake is simple, so no fancy baking tins required. 
    • The fondant icing hides a multitude of sins. Your cake doesn't need to be perfect as this type of icing works miracles by forming a 'blanket' over the cake whilst keeping it moist. 
    What type of beer would you choose if you made a cake like this? We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

    Monday, 19 October 2015

    PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Oopsmark Bicycle Leather Wine Rack

    What do you love most about going for bike rides? Is it the exercise, or simply the opportunity of getting outdoors?

    If the weather is nice, a bike ride accompanied with a picnic is a wonderful weekend excursion. The only challenge can be fitting everything on your bike. Oopsmark are cycling fanatics, and have thought of everything when it comes to picnicking on a bike - including the vino!

    Why we love it:

    • Warm weather = more opportunities for summer bike rides, which are even more fun when they include a picnic with a bottle of wine!
    • Don't drink? You can use this holder to carry a bottle of water (instead of wine).
    • These leather holders are handmade with high quality materials and lots of love by Oopsmark in Montreal, Canada.
    • Holders are adjustable to accommodate different sized bottles
    • Each holder has gorgeous antique brass fasteners
    • Available in black or tan leather

    Sunday, 18 October 2015

    WEEKLY SPECIAL: Gentlemen's Hardware Hip Flask NOW $30 (was $38.95)

    The guys will be lining up to be your groomsmen if they find out there's one of these on offer as their groomsmen gift! Not only is the finish and quality of this product amazing
    it also comes with a handy little 'nesting cup' to measure your shots (but who's counting!)

    Only while stocks last. 

    Saturday, 17 October 2015

    Handmade gift of the week: Hostess gift

    A dear friend recently came to stay with us, and this is the gift she gave us to say 'thanks' for letting her stay (needless to say, she's welcome anytime!;-)

    Super thoughtful Thank You gift - A bottle of classic Aussie Shiraz and homemade muesli

    Even the handmade gift tag was a delightful touch

    Why we love it:
    • I don't know many people who wouldn't be grateful to receive a beautiful bottle of wine like this Chapel Hill Shiraz, but the homemade muesli really gives it a personal, handmade touch. 
    • The green hessian tie and kraft card gift give this gift tag a very natural, organic feel. 
    • Putting the homemade muesli in a jar is a great way of presenting your homemade treat, as well as recycling a glass jar. We love the addition of the crochet tie around the lid as this matches the gift tag on the wine. 
    • You don't need to give a huge jar of muesli - we savoured ours by sprinkling if over icecream for a healthier dessert option, or fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. 
    • Never underestimate the delight homemade food brings to a recipient. 
    What homemade treat would you put in a glass jar to give someone? We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

    Friday, 16 October 2015

    The Best Wedding Gift Ideas…Ever! (from real people)

    It was a simple question: 

    "What gift would you GIVE or like to RECEIVE as a wedding present?"

    The response was astounding - over 80 of our Facebook Fan's answered this question with some great ideas, all of which we've shared with you below. So if you've got a wedding coming up, and you're stuck for a gift idea, you might find the perfect wedding gift idea below...

    Something for the home…

    • “I like to give and receive old china tea cups (and a gift from Mr Gift of course!)”
    • “I would love to receive something for the home.”
    • “I love to give Waterford Crystal, timeless & useful!” 
    • “I would love to give Tupperware”
    • “I would like to give or receive some homewares products: dinner sets, cutlery, vases - beautiful items to make the home look lovely.”
    • “I'd love to receive a pair of silver candlesticks.”
    • “I'd give the best crystal glassware that I could afford...trouble is that these days most brides and grooms ask for money.”
    • “Something for the home. I received many wonderful gifts at my wedding.”
    • “I'd love to give a Royal Doulton Tea Set!!!
    • “Wish I could give good health and eternal happiness for wedding gifts and am thinking a lovely metal storage box with chalk panel would make a great kitchen tea present.”
    • “Crystal always is a fav of mine to give. Something they can use and have forever.”
    • “A food hamper”
    • “I would definitely love this ice bucket ( to chill the champagne for our celebrations.”
    • “I love to give a complete cutlery set - so that each time it's used, it is a reminder of how much the couple is loved by me (by giving something that is used every day).”
    • “Depends on the couple. If they are young couple setting up home for the first time something practical like cake tins and Pyrex dishes. Anyone older - something off their Wedding Register or Gift Cards.”
    • “A cutlery set. A lasting and practical gift which will also bring memories when it is used.”
    • Cantina Serenissima Ice Bucket to put my champagne in to celebrate each anniversary after.”
    • “I'd be grateful for any gift...even a toaster!”
    • “Splades or sporks - very handy for eating with.”
    • “A clock!”

    Cantina Serenissima Ice Bucket from 


    • “There are so many beautiful things out there to give. I would choose something beautiful, lasting and a visible presence for years to come, such as a painting.”


    • “I would gift beautiful vases and picture frames to make their house look like a home.”
    • “Vases are beautiful to give or something for the home.”
    • “Beautiful glasses or vases, so they would have memories many years later.”
    • “I would like to gift or receive beautiful crystal vases for keeping fresh flowers in.”

    • “I like to give linen in the recipients colour choice. I would like to receive the same.”
    • “Personalised embroidered towels - something unique something to keep.”
    • “1000 count sheets”
    • “I would like to give or receive beautiful bed linen.”

    Something indulgent…

    • “A couple's hamper filled with chocolates, champagne, candles...Netflix subscription lol”
    • “I'd like to receive a MAGNUM of Dom Perignon Champagne!”
    • “I would give a pamper pack voucher for both of them to use together. Wedding planning can be so stressful. So some pamper time after the wedding would probably be well deserved.”
    • “Champagne, candles and a massage package.”
    • “I’d love to receive a day spa for two or a weekend away.”
    • “A day of pampering, maybe a day spa for myself and my partner...or for the bride and groom.”
    • “A couple’s massage. A great way to relax and unwind after the big day!”
    • “We would give the blushing bride and groom something playful that they can use in the bedroom to keep the spark burning stronger and brighter with each passing day, week, month, and year.”

    Cash or vouchers

    • “Gift certificates or cash. Yes I know, boring.”
    • “A gift card.”
    • “Cash is always good or gift cards.”
    • “I think gift cards to homewares stores and Bunnings are great wedding gifts - a great way to set up house together.”
    • “Voucher to Bunnings or a homewares store!”
    • “Money. Our tradition is money for weddings.”
    • “Money seems to be the latest trend so they can buy or use it in whatever way they like. I actually like to buy a gift and it’s normally something useful as well as money.”
    • “I think people appreciate gift cards, because to be honest, we've all been given things we simply can't use or don't like.”

    Photos and frames

    • “My favourite gift I received was a Harvey Norman photo shop voucher to get one of our wedding photos put on canvas, was such a thoughtful and awesome present so I do the same when I go to a wedding.”
    • “I would give this: Waterford Crystal Lismore Lace Frame." 
    • “Photo frames are always useful and I always seem to buy more as years go on, so for me that is an excellent gift to give or receive.”
    • “A beautiful picture frame for our wedding photo!”
    • “Photo Frames as a wedding present would be heavenly to have our special snaps displayed on our wall.”
    •  “I would love picture frames too keep memories alive.”
    • “I’d love candid pics from our wedding day on a disc so we can enjoy from our guests point of view.”
    • “Black Photograph storage.”
    • “Linen/photo frames.”
    • “Memory storage e.g. box , tin etc.”
    •  “An album full of photos - historical and of the wedding day.”
    • “A crystal photo frame to place a picture of our wedding day so we could look at the picture and always remember our day.”
    •  “I love to give silver frames so the married couple can display lovely pictures of the big day!”
    • “A wedding photo album is the gift I would give.”
    • “A beautiful photo frame, or money if they have requested it.”


    • “Round the world plane ticket.... Business class of course - but really, I would be happy with a toaster!”
    • “I would give a travel gift card and would also like to receive this as well.”
    • “Gorgeous crystal glasses - a gift to last a lifetime and a beautiful reminder of a truly special day!”
    • “A holiday!”
    • “A caravan”
    • “Might be hoping for too much, but I couldn't receive a better present than plane tickets to Paris!”

    Handmade/personalised gifts

    • “A replica cake keyring or ornament (business in USA makes replicas of your wedding cake into ornaments or a mini one for your keyring) to remind us of the day we became one. They’re also on Etsy but they are costly. A girl can dream!”
    • “Personalised gift with engraving on it, to look back at.”
    • “I would love to get something homemade/ from the heart and I love to give these sort of gifts too.”

    Donations to charity

    • “I would be happy enough to receive "best wishes" for a successful marriage from my guests or money to an animal charity.”


    • “Definitely something sentimental.”
    • I'd give the gift that means the most to the couple. It depends on the individuals on the gifts I give. A sentimental sap I am.”
    • “Something from the heart”
    • “I'd like to receive a lifetime of happiness!”
    • “I think your Manly List Notebook will make for wedded bliss! Keeping the Groom under control!”
    • “My brother’s wedding next week. My husband is part of the navy. My brother once told me 'I think women and seamen don't mix," after meeting him. I think I'll bring my husband to the wedding and show him what mixes.”
    • “More than presents, I'd prefer the presence of my friends and family.”
    The Brightside Manly List Notebook from

    So there we have it - an amazing wedding gift ideas list with suggestions of what lots of different people (men and women) would love to receive. Hope this has been helpful!

    What is you favourite gift idea? 
    We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

    Thursday, 15 October 2015

    Thursday thought...

    "Getting knocked down is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice."
    Zig Ziglar

    Wednesday, 14 October 2015

    Gift wrapping idea of the week: Kraft paper candles

    Looking for a fun way to jazz up some kraft paper gift wrap? These cute candles would be a hit with men, women and even kids...

    Washi tape candles on kraft paper are striking and fun!
    Image from

    Why we love it:
    • What's not to love??? These candles are made from washi tape, but you could use paper scraps or pieces of wrapping paper to play around with colour combinations. 
    • You don't have to be artistic or crafty to recreate this look - the drawing is simple and if you use washi tape you just need to be capable of sticking it down!
    • The colours in above image are quite feminine, but by simply changing the colours and patterns this look could be easily adapted for a man or a child. 
    • The natural kraft paper makes a great blank canvas, but you could also use black, white or another plain coloured paper for a similar effect. 

    Do you know someone who would like this wrapping paper? 
    We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

    Tuesday, 13 October 2015

    Winning Wedding Gifts they'll Cherish

    Wedding gift ideas
    We were living overseas when we got married and opted for the very boring and predictable 'wishing well' (cash) option instead of wedding gifts. However, some of our guests couldn't get past the cash-only concept and insisted on buying a gift, and to be honest, I'm pretty glad they did.

    Fast-forward 10 years and we're back home. I'm finally going through boxes we stored post-wedding and stumble across a set of neutral coloured sheets. Perfect timing - and perfect colour - as the week before I had put out a similar set of sheets that had worn out. Winning wedding gift! So take it from me, wedding gifts can come in very handy.

    To get you through the wedding season, we've picked out ten of our popular wedding gift ideas below...

    We're also offering a $10 DISCOUNT on all orders from now until Wednesday 21/10/15.  

    Use Discount Code WEDDING in the Discount Code field when you place your order.  

    This offer can't be used in conjunction with other offers, or redeemed for cash. But please feel free to share with family and friends:)
    The Little Veggie Patch Co Guide to Backyard Farming
    1. Cantina Classica Champagne Bowl $159.95
    This stunning stainless steel champagne bowl will be the show-stopper at every dinner or partythe happy couple host. No more plastic tubs or an Esky filled with ice!
    Cantina Master Decanter
    2. Cantina Master Decanter $99.95
    If your couple enjoy their wine, then a good quality decanter would be a fantastic gift so they can decant and enjoy a special bottle of wine. The Master Decanter is a great shape - the wide base ensures it's stable on a table and offers more surface area to open up your wine
    Rosanna Trays
    3. Rosanna Trays from $16.95
    A set of these trays would look great in any house and brighten up a table for a party or special dinner. 
    Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box
    4. Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box $249.95
    A stunning box like this one will for many years and is something your couple could pass onto their children. It's really versatile and can be configured to store your special treasures in lots of different ways. 
    Jonathan Adler Jet Set porcelain coasters
    5. Jonathan Adler Jet Set porcelain coasters $64.95
    I don't think you can ever have too many coasters, because they're great to swap around and create different looks depending on your mood. Plus they're small and don't take up much space to store when you're not using them. This vibrant set of coasters reminds us of exotic overseas holidays. 
    Atmosphere Full Circle Globe
    6. Atmosphere Full Circle Globe $249.95
    Globes inspire our imagination by allowing us to dream of all the wonderful places we could go. The great thing about this globe is that when you're not planning your next adventure, it doubles as a lamp to softly illuminate a room
    Gentlemen's Hardware Cocktail Shaker
    7. Gentlemen's Hardware Cocktail Shaker $29.95
    A cocktail shaker is a great gift for a couple who love to entertain, especially one as glamorous as this - James Bond would be jealous!
    Karlsson Wall Clock
    8. Karlsson Wall Clock Floating Stripes Steel $74.95 
    I can still picture the clock that hung in our kitchen when I was growing up. A clock is a 'timeless' wedding gift (pardon the pun!) that will get used everyday when it's hung on the wall in a family room or kitchen. 
    MAN LAW Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set
    9. MAN LAW Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set, 3 piece PLUS BONUS $49.95 
    Lots of people love to BBQ, but 'make do' by using kitchen utensils. Treat your bride and groom to the right tools for the job with this high-quality BBQ set from MAN LAW - it will last for years. 
    Joseph Joseph No-Spill Salt and Pepper Mill
    10. Joseph Joseph No-Spill Salt and Pepper Mill $69.95
    Every house needs a good quality salt and pepper mill and this Joseph Joseph Mill ticks all the boxes for style and function, making it a fantastic wedding gift. 

    Monday, 12 October 2015

    PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Keep Calm Bandaid Kit

    Why we love it:
    • This is a fun gift that anyone can use (and will probably come in very handy when stored in the right spot!). 
    • Kids will also love these colourful bandaids 
    • The bright red coloured box makes these bandaids easy to spot in your First Aid Kit. 
    • This set would make a great Christmas stocking-filler gift. 

    Sunday, 11 October 2015

    WEEKLY SPECIAL: Slate Plant Labels NOW $15 (was $19.95)

    If you've ever accidentally forgotten what you've planted where in your garden it can be a real nuisance. These handy slate plant labels will help keep your plants organised and accounted for. 

    Plus they're made from a high-quality slate and come with a chinagraph (wax) pencil so you can rewrite on the labels and use them for many years to come. 

    Only while stocks last. 

    Saturday, 10 October 2015

    Handmade gift of the week: Beer box coasters

    If don't know many men who don't like beer, but even if they don't these cool coasters (made from beer boxes) are so bright and colourful that everyone will love these - beer fan or not!

    Coasters made from beer boxes - here's how to do it...

    Why we love them:
    • Who could resist the bright colours of these coasters? They live up an table and also protect your furniture from those annoying glass rings. 
    • What a great way to repurpose a beer box and give it a new lease of life! 
    • This is a completely unique gift that would be great for the person with everything
    • You can never have too many coasters, and even if you have a few sets, you can always rotate them as they don't take up much space in a draw or cupboard. 
    Which coaster do you like best? 
    We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

    Friday, 9 October 2015

    Handmade card of the week: Leaf card

    Some of the best creative inspiration comes from nature, and this leaf card is no exception...

    Why we love it:
    • This would be a really simple card to create - simply trace a real leaf or find a template online. 
    • Using natural kraft card gives this card a really organic feel. 
    • Cutting out your message and adding a contrasting ribbon behind it is a nice way of adding colour. You could also stencil, stamp and hand-write a message (in colour) on your card. 
    • Using string to attach the card to the present also has a lovely natural feel. 
    • You could experiment with different sized and shaped leaves. Smaller leaves would also make great little gift tags. 

    What type of leaf would you use for a card? 
    We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

    Thursday, 8 October 2015

    Thursday thought...

    We don't beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the reaper by living well."
    Randy Pausch (1960-2008)

    Wednesday, 7 October 2015

    Gift wrapping idea of the week: How to reuse an old calendar

    Calendars. At the end of every year, most people would usually have at least one wall calendar they need to discard. But what to do with them, apart from throw them in the bin? Here's a gift wrapping idea that's hard to resist...

    Image from

    Why we love it:
    • We challenge you to find a more charming way of reusing an old calendar!
    • Circling your recipient's birthday and writing a message personalises this wrapping paper even more. 
    • Circling the date with a coloured pen and matching the ribbon to this colour makes it stand out even more. The colour also sets off the black and white print. 
    • Calendars are usually made of high quality paper, so ideal for wrapping a special gift. 
    • There is generally a page-per-month for each of these types of wall calendars, which means plenty of pages to use as gift wrapping for your family and friends (hopefully their birthdays are in different months!)