Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Winning Wedding Gifts they'll Cherish

Wedding gift ideas
We were living overseas when we got married and opted for the very boring and predictable 'wishing well' (cash) option instead of wedding gifts. However, some of our guests couldn't get past the cash-only concept and insisted on buying a gift, and to be honest, I'm pretty glad they did.

Fast-forward 10 years and we're back home. I'm finally going through boxes we stored post-wedding and stumble across a set of neutral coloured sheets. Perfect timing - and perfect colour - as the week before I had put out a similar set of sheets that had worn out. Winning wedding gift! So take it from me, wedding gifts can come in very handy.

To get you through the wedding season, we've picked out ten of our popular wedding gift ideas below...

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1. Cantina Classica Champagne Bowl $159.95
This stunning stainless steel champagne bowl will be the show-stopper at every dinner or partythe happy couple host. No more plastic tubs or an Esky filled with ice!
Cantina Master Decanter
2. Cantina Master Decanter $99.95
If your couple enjoy their wine, then a good quality decanter would be a fantastic gift so they can decant and enjoy a special bottle of wine. The Master Decanter is a great shape - the wide base ensures it's stable on a table and offers more surface area to open up your wine
Rosanna Trays
3. Rosanna Trays from $16.95
A set of these trays would look great in any house and brighten up a table for a party or special dinner. 
Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box
4. Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box $249.95
A stunning box like this one will for many years and is something your couple could pass onto their children. It's really versatile and can be configured to store your special treasures in lots of different ways. 
Jonathan Adler Jet Set porcelain coasters
5. Jonathan Adler Jet Set porcelain coasters $64.95
I don't think you can ever have too many coasters, because they're great to swap around and create different looks depending on your mood. Plus they're small and don't take up much space to store when you're not using them. This vibrant set of coasters reminds us of exotic overseas holidays. 
Atmosphere Full Circle Globe
6. Atmosphere Full Circle Globe $249.95
Globes inspire our imagination by allowing us to dream of all the wonderful places we could go. The great thing about this globe is that when you're not planning your next adventure, it doubles as a lamp to softly illuminate a room
Gentlemen's Hardware Cocktail Shaker
7. Gentlemen's Hardware Cocktail Shaker $29.95
A cocktail shaker is a great gift for a couple who love to entertain, especially one as glamorous as this - James Bond would be jealous!
Karlsson Wall Clock
8. Karlsson Wall Clock Floating Stripes Steel $74.95 
I can still picture the clock that hung in our kitchen when I was growing up. A clock is a 'timeless' wedding gift (pardon the pun!) that will get used everyday when it's hung on the wall in a family room or kitchen. 
MAN LAW Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set
9. MAN LAW Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set, 3 piece PLUS BONUS $49.95 
Lots of people love to BBQ, but 'make do' by using kitchen utensils. Treat your bride and groom to the right tools for the job with this high-quality BBQ set from MAN LAW - it will last for years. 
Joseph Joseph No-Spill Salt and Pepper Mill
10. Joseph Joseph No-Spill Salt and Pepper Mill $69.95
Every house needs a good quality salt and pepper mill and this Joseph Joseph Mill ticks all the boxes for style and function, making it a fantastic wedding gift. 

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