Saturday, 14 November 2015

Handmade gift of the week: Family handprint picture

Image from etsy store, MyForeverPrints

Why we love it:
  • This would make a fabulous family Christmas gift - especially for grandparents
  • We love the tonal colours in this print - these would work beautifully with many interior colours. Keep colour in mind when you create your print. Whilst bright colours would really stand out, you want to make sure the colours you pick are going to suit the decor of your or your recipient's home. 
  • Placing the smaller handprints on the larger ones is a great way of showing how small the kids' hands are, but you could layout your handprints anyway you like e.g. from oldest to youngest or vice-versa, depending on the size and dimensions of your canvas. 
  • For the background, you could use a stretched canvas for a contemporary look (you also wouldn't need to worry about a frame). Or look for an interesting card or paper base. Something with texture in a neutral colour would give a premium finish. 
  • You could easily make a print like this yourself using acrylic paints (wear old clothes as this could be a little messy with little ones!). Or you can get one professionally made (without the mess!) by MyForeverPrints
  • You could also write the kids' ages next to their name. 
  • This is a lovely keepsake you could make each year - imagine seeing a collection of these prints on a wall from various years. Kids will love seeing how much they've grown over time. 

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