Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Gift wrapping idea of the week: DIY gift bag

Sometimes a gift bag is the only way to go for a gift that's hard to wrap. Did you know how easy they are to make?
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Why we love it:
  • All you need to make this bag is some good quality wrapping paper. Opt for a heavier weight paper that's easier to fold and work with, and so the bag is able to hold its shape. 
  • You can obviously pick any paper colour/design to custom-make your bag to suit your recipient. You could also use brown kraft paper and get the kids to draw or glue things on it. 
  • A sheet of scrapbooking paper would be good for a smaller bag. There are also some great scrapbooking paper designs to choose from. 
  • You could make bag handles from the same paper, or choose a contrasting paper so they stand out. 
  • Add a handmade gift tag to the handles and your gift bag is complete!

How about you - do you prefer gift bags or wrapped gifts? We'd love your thoughts - please comment below...

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