Tuesday, 26 July 2016

TUESDAY TIP: How to improve your productivity when working from home

Working from home isn't always as great as it sounds. It can be isolating and challenging to remain disciplined. This week founder of menswear brand Tophat London, Andy Kitt shares his advice on boosting productivity when working from home... 

"Occasionally I work from home and I was realising that my productivity was terrible. So, I started to mentally and physically replicate the office environment as much as possible. Firstly, I clear my desk of anything that's not relevant to what I am currently working on. Secondly, it is important for me to wear a suit and shoes rather than just rolling out of bed and sitting at my desk in a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. This increases my productivity and also improves the perceived level of professionalism when speaking to people on the phone and even emailing. Lastly, I always take an hour break for lunch and leave the house. This leaves me refreshed for the second half of the day. 

Thanks to Andy for sharing this this advice. Andy Kitt is the Founder of transparent, slow fashion menswear brand, Tophat London. Check out Tophat's cool product range here: www.tophatlondon.com

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