Tuesday, 15 November 2016

TUESDAY TIP: How to organise your day

After struggling with prioritising important tasks in his business, Prosper Taruvinga decided there had to be a better way to manage his time and move his business forward. These were some of the tools he implemented to do this:

"I run and operate an 8 man Digital marketing agency of which half of the staff is overseas. This proves to be a bit hectic as the time differences and deadlines are met in different time zones. We now use tools like Slack and Calendley to schedule meetings and briefings. For me personally I found that I was always just all over the place without any direction or accomplishment. I have attached my trusted partner as a pic. 

Prosper Taruvinga was able to focus on what's important by creating this timetable

I designed a timetable which I follow religiously. I now get everything done and don't miss out on the important stuff like family."

Prosper Taruvinga is a Digital Marketing Expert for Live Long Digital, who help businesses get clients. Learn more about what he does here

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