Friday, 5 May 2017

The best advice my mum gave me: Sarah Donges, Box For Monkeys

We had SO much fun posting our last Father's Day blog series, 'The best thing my dad taught me' that we couldn't miss the opportunity of doing this for Mother's Day too! In the run up to Mother's Day, our guest contributors will be sharing some of the best advice their mums have given them. We hope this makes you feel as good as it made us feel...

“The best thing my mum taught me was…that woman can do anything. My mum was told by her father that she could only be a teacher or secretary, her mum had no say. Mum raised her three daughters with the belief that men and woman are equal and we can do what ever we want." - Sarah Donges

Sarah's company, Box For Monkeys sends out fun, educational and screen-free activity boxes to kids. Learn more at

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